About Allen Wittert

ALLEN WITTERT - AN OVERVIEW - 2024.             

My work is generally sunny, strong and colorful. Subjects vary from large abstract paintings, florals, womens faces, and some wilder more expressive characters and urbanscapes.

Born in South Africa, I embarked on an art career while still in my teens.  I was invited to produce presentation visuals and storyboards for a top creative ad agency during my high school vacations. Working with markers and creating punchy visuals improved my artistic skills. I loved the immediacy of strong line and color, and incorporated a cartoony shorthand language into these illustrations and I later blended this approach with abstract expressionsim using acrylic on canvas.

In 1994, we made the pivotal move to London, where I began painting, showing work through a local gallery in north London. We moved to the states and lived there for 18 years,  but moved back to the UK in 2019. I offer mentoring and my tutorials are free to view on


Professional Experience:

Modern painter- see www.allenwittert.com for an overview of contemporary work


2024-Online  www.allenwittert.com

2023-Online  www.allenwittert.com

2022-Online  www.allenwittert.com


2021-Online  www.allenwittert.com


2019- Online  www.allenwittert.com

www.singulart.com, www.Ugallery.com

2018- Online at Saatchiart.com
2014- 2017- www.Ugallery San Francisco
2015 -Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery Lafayette CA
2014 -Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery Lafayette CA
2012 - Joined www.ugallery.com
2011- Troy Fine Arts Southport CT
2010- Troy Fine Arts Southport CT
2012-Rockwell Gallery, Westport CT,
2011-Rockwell Gallery, Easton CT
2004- Ulla Surland Gallery II , Fairfield CT
2003- Labriola Gallery Stamford CT
2002 -Ulla Surland Gallery II, Fairfield CT

Storyboard Artist and Illustrator -  Present)

Currently engaged in creating compelling storyboards and illustrations for a major pharmaceutical company, contributing to their impactful marketing campaigns.  See www.alanwadeillustration.com for an overview of recent work.


Teaching experience 


Alamo elementary, Walnut Creek, Bay Area CA 2015. Allen Wittert teaching Art camp; teaching drawing at Walnut C

Fairfield CT Arts Council Art Camp for youth- 2012- 2014. [ Reference Bernadette Sacco]


 https://www.youtube.comFreeformax /Allen Wittert


  • Collaborated with the San Francisco Giants, George P Johnson Experience Marketing, and various production companies on live events and concept development projects.
  • Played a key role in the conceptualization and execution of innovative lobby designs for the new Salesforce building in San Francisco.
  • Contributed storyboards for advertising campaigns of renowned brands including Wendys, Swiffer, Napa auto, Burts Bees, and Herbal Essences.

Storyboard Artist (2000 - 2014) Kaplan Thaler Group, USA

Served as the principal storyboard artist for Kaplan Thaler Group, showcasing expertise in crafting compelling visual narratives for numerous high-profile advertising campaigns, notably for Aflac Insurance, Wendys, Swiffer, and Verizon among others.

Art Director and Artist (1987 - 1994) Los Angeles, USA

During this period, Allen freelanced for various small ad agencies in LA, earning recognition for his exceptional talents in storyboarding and illustration. He collaborated on a movie storyboard through Storyboards Inc., Venice, and contributed significantly to the success of Ogilvy&Mather, RSTM, a multi-award-winning South African agency.



National Diploma in Graphic Design,  University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg (1983 - 1986)-This qualification is generally considered equivalent to the first two years of a Bachelor's degree in graphic design. When combined with an extensive  professional  experience, it equates to a Bachelors degree. As with all degrees and education experience equivalency can vary depending on the specific program and school issuing, and the institution that requires it.

  • Skills:
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop with over 20 years of experience.
  • Highly skilled in Corel Painter, Sketchbook Pro, and Procreate.
  • Extensive experience in conceptualizing and designing animations and commercials.

Exhibitions and Collections: Since 2001, Allen's artworks have found a place in numerous private and corporate collections in the US and the UK, including Integrated Medical of CT, Dahl Architectural Group, Watches.com, and the Linda McMahon Foundation, among others.

Online Presence: Allen currently showcases and sells his artworks online through www.allenwittert.com.

Personal Details:

  • Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Current Residence: Tonbridge, Kent, UK


With a rich tapestry of experience spanning continents and industries, Allen Wittert continues to captivate audiences with his distinctive blend of artistic expression.